Today, the loss of popularity of the choir and the national idea of choral singing, as the most democratic and accessible form of art, is associated not only with the lack of active government support, but also with the social disunity of people in our country. We are losing an important part of the national culture of our people.


The lack of international choral tourism in Belarus isolates us from the million-strong choral community.

Conducting a competition that:

– will be held every two years,

– will be able to gather in Minsk for three days from 20 to 40 choral groups from Belarus and foreign countries, and this is more than 1000 singers from all over the world,

– will invite all participating choirs to include Belarusian choral music in their competition program,

– will fill our city with a positive atmosphere by offering a choir weekend program with flash mobs, interactive workshops and individual master classes from 5-7 jury members, world-class choir experts (Belarus🇧🇾 , Estonia 🇪🇪, Latvia 🇱🇻 , Sweden 🇸🇪 , France🇫🇷 , USA  , Russia 🇷🇺).

– contribute to the revival of interest in national choral traditions and preserve the memory of the historical personality Victor Rovdo 

– to restore and develop interpersonal and cultural ties destroyed in the 2020 offseason (covid-19),

– destroy stereotypes that the choir is boring and the same,

– to bring with the help of choral “singing” tourism to our country at least 1000 participants from different countries of the world, and give children, youth and adult choirs of Belarus the opportunity to show their high artistic level without leaving the Republic of Belarus.



Inessa Bodyako

Artistic Director

of Ist Rovdo International

Choral Competition


Belarusian Choral

Directors Association 





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